Popular Types of Weddings You Should Know

Weddings are a significant milestone in a couple's life, and people choose to celebrate this special day in different ways. As such, there are many popular types of weddings, each with its unique style and atmosphere. Choosing a type of wedding that reflects your personality and preferences is an excellent way to make the day even more special, and Had Too Have Moments, a Toronto wedding planner, can help you with all your wedding needs. Here are some popular types of weddings. Contact us today!

traditional church wedding

Traditional Wedding

A traditional wedding is perhaps the most popular type of wedding. This type of wedding features the classic white dress, a traditional church ceremony, and a reception with dinner, dancing, and speeches. It typically caters to the couple's family and friends and is perfect for those who want a formal and sophisticated wedding.

Beach Wedding

Beach weddings have gained great popularity in recent years, and it's easy to see why. With the stunning ocean views, pleasant breeze, and a relaxed atmosphere, beach weddings offer a unique and romantic experience. Beach weddings usually feature casual attire, simple, yet elegant, decorations, and can be followed by a beach party. This type of wedding is ideal for those who want a laid-back, informal wedding. Our team plans beach weddings every year and can help you have the perfect beach backdrop for your wedding. Call today.

bride standing under arch in garden

Garden Wedding

Garden weddings are another popular type of wedding. A garden wedding features an outdoor wedding ceremony in a beautifully landscaped setting. It typically emphasizes the natural beauty of the environment and often features light and airy decorations. Garden weddings are perfect for those who want a sentimental and romantic wedding in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is an excellent option for couples who want a unique wedding experience. This type of wedding typically involves travelling to a different location to have the ceremony. It's perfect for couples who love to travel and explore new cultures. Destination weddings can range from intimate beach weddings to grand European castle ceremonies. Let our wedding coordinator in Toronto help today.

newly weds in vintage attire

Vintage Wedding

Vintage weddings are perfect for those who want a romantic and nostalgic wedding experience. This type of wedding features antique decorations, vintage attire, and a timeless atmosphere. The wedding ceremony could be held in a 1920s ballroom, a rustic barn, or even a beautiful garden. Vintage weddings offer a unique and memorable experience for the couple and their guests.

Modern Wedding

In contrast to traditional or vintage weddings, modern weddings are all about daring and modern styles. This type of wedding typically features bold and innovative decorations, such as metallic or geometric accents. It's perfect for couples who value style and design and want to create a unique and unforgettable wedding experience.

Indian couple newly married

Cultural Wedding

A cultural wedding is a wonderful way to celebrate your heritage and traditions. This type of wedding typically incorporates ethnic attire, decorations, and rituals. A cultural wedding is perfect for couples who want to honor their cultural background and create a unique and memorable experience for their families and friends. Our local Toronto wedding planner specializes in cultural weddings. Learn more today.


Weddings are an essential milestone in a couple's life, and choosing the right type of wedding is crucial to creating a meaningful and memorable experience. Had Too Have Moments offers exceptional wedding planning services for Toronto couples. We offer weddings of all types from cultural and traditional to everything in-between. No matter your preferences, we can help. Call for a free quote today.

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